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[Sep. 11th, 2006|03:19 pm]
new christians


I have a christian brother in India, his name is John. He's the pastor of a new church there, the ROLE ministries (Restorer of Life and Eternity). One of his problems seems related to those we new christians often also face. John, besides preaching the Gospel, also has a streetworking project with poor children. However, his congregation isn't rich, so he has started to look for donations to help with his cause. So he's spending time in internet cafes to travel yahoo chats looking for foreigners that might help him, with the usual miniscule success. I've been trying to help him, but I'm not rich either, so my contribution, at this time, mainly consists of contacting help organizations as John's representative, and seeing if I can get support for his work somewhere. In this endeavour, one german protestant help organization, "Bread for the world", told me that John would be best adviced to contact the church organizations in India, the congresses and church unions. The money donated in Europe, America and other more well-off countries would most often flow there into such organizations, and they are supposed to help each other with it. However, John told me that there is a massive efficiency problem with this, and also, very unfortunately and shamefully, there is corruption. For example, the church officials would rather support their relatives and their own congregation, than getting the money there where it is actually needed the most. That's been one reason why John founded his own ministry. He did think of joining with other churches, but he also told me that actually joining him might cost him his function as a pastor, his spiritual career as he put it. So as of now, he tries to find donors on his own. The problem is that he's not exactly writing english very well. He can make himself understood, but grammar isn't right very often and also John is very straightforward. He's not very diplomatic, so to speak. So I'm helping him with this.

The reason I write about this is that it correlates with the purpose of this community. In christianity, you often have certain families being very important. Of course not at all churches, but in some. There are family ties, flesh and blood ties, particularly in countries where such ties are generally seen as very important and traditionally of utmost value. What does christian tradition and the bible generally say about this? I am asking myself, are there any writings on family bonds and clan rule by the saints of old? I would sure like to get to know something about this.

What do you think about such cases? Should there be an investigation in such matters, when donation money isn't distributed justly? Is a new stately church building more important than charity?